Our Coaches

Rick Muhlenkamp

Owner, Level 2 Trainer

I have been involved with sports and fitness since my days in high school. I have always enjoyed working out (I know that many of you may not share that same feeling), both for the initial reward of knowing I just accomplished something that took some work to achieve, and the longer term gratification knowing that this work will give me a positive payoff down the road as I age. My initial journey in fitness was more like two separate roads – one being lifting weights and the other doing some type of cardio (usually running and eventually road biking). I started down the path of a triathlete and loved it (except the swimming part). Somewhere around 2010 I heard about CrossFit but did not pay much attention and just continued down my former fitness route; lift on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and run on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.  

Then in 2013 I finally started dabbling into this CrossFit thing, checking videos online, reading articles about it etc. So I decided to try a CF workout and I was instantly hooked because I knew that my current training was not adequate because this first workout kicked my butt! And so I immediately started doing CrossFit. Three months later, in April of 2013, I got my Level 1 CrossFit Trainer Certificate and started training others. I realized early on how this CrossFit training was helping me because despite all of my previous running training, I had reached a plateau on my 5K runs. About 6 months into CF, my 5K run times came down by minutes! I was getting stronger, faster, and fitter. I’m 51 but because of this training, I am still able to do anything I did in my 20’s and feel great. I always say that CF is the true fountain of youth.


Fast forward to now. We have been training in CrossFit methodology for almost 6 years and have just opened a brand new facility in December of 2018. I am now a level 2 trainer. I love coaching and seeing others do things they never thought possible and reaching their personal goals. From high school and college athletes who simply want to get better at their sport, for the mom or dad who want to keep up with the kids and walk up the stairs without being winded, to the grandma who wants to spend active quality time with her grandkids and be able to keep doing the flower beds, everyone who wants to get better for life will benefit from our training.  

We have so many members who are like family to us and have experienced so many firsts, so many health and fitness benefits, and have literally transformed themselves physically and mentally. If you are tired of being tired, sick of being weak, annoyed that you can’t keep up with life, then you need to come see us.

Rick has a wonderful and supportive wife, Sherri, and two daughters, Jen 22 and Rachael 20 who are both active in college.  Rick enjoys anything outdoors including hiking, trail running, and biking.  His main passion is truly CrossFit.

Brad Dodson

Level 1 Trainer

I would love to say that physical fitness has run through my veins since I was a kid, but that would be furthest from the truth. I grew up in a normal family playing in the woods, going to church and riding bikes around the neighborhood. To put it nicely, my family did not have the genetics to develop superior athletes. In spite of that I got involved in basketball, track and cross country in middle/high school. I was always one of the top athletes but could never excel above and beyond.

Throughout the years I would join a gym here or there, jump on a diet plan, and try to keep my health in check. In 2001 I started my first job as a youth minister at a church in Indiana. Late nights, pizza parties, and Mountain Dew didn’t help me on my physical fitness journey. I did ok in spite of living unhealthy. I would play flag football, basketball and occasionally field games carrying around my 250lb frame.

In January of 2016 I found out I was Type 2 diabetic. I made the decision to make some changes and took that first step of walking into the Musclecamp Crossfit door. I quickly saw improvement, connected with some amazing people, and fell in love with the ideology behind CrossFit. In the summer of 2017, I pursued my level 1 and began coaching at Millersburg Crossfit. When Millersburg CrossFit moved to a different location , the only answer was to come back to where it all started.

Today I am focusing on not only enjoying CrossFit, but living a life today so that I can enjoy life tomorrow. I would encourage everyone to consider taking that step to turning your life around by checking out a CrossFit community.

Brad is a fulltime minister at Nashville Church of Christ, raising 4 crazy kids (Malachi,Mackenlie, Carys, & Deacon) with his supportive wife Laurie. He enjoys hunting, sports, hiking, camping, and anything else that gets him moving and sharing life with others...


Andrew Topp

Level 1 Trainer

I have always enjoyed sports, but they never came easy for me.  I have never been very athletic and being competitive in any sport when I was younger was difficult.  After high school I attended Akron University for criminal justice.  While attending Akron University, I got into weight training with other classmates in preparation of a law enforcement academy.  In Feb 1999 I started the OSHP Academy to become a state trooper. The importance of fitness was shoved down our throat.  We did physical training every day, twice a day for six months.  It was during those six months I realized how important fitness was for my job because it would literally save my life.

I continued with the traditional weightlifting routine for 14 years.  My wife, Wendy, had always been physically active, played Lacrosse all through high school, got into kick boxing for several years, and then started Crossfit in 2014.  She asked me to join her, and after a year and half of asking, I agreed.  I started in November of 2015.  My first workout was 12 minutes, yep, 12 minutes.  Hardest 12 minutes I had been through up to that point.  I was hooked after that first class.  The varied, high intensity, functional movements Crossfit incorporates has helped me out immensely.  I was able to increase cardio capacity while maintaining strength, lose body fat, gain coordination, gain confidence in my job as a state trooper, and most importantly, relieve stress.       

I was attending a different Crossfit gym at the time a co-worker of mine asked me if I had tried Musclecamp Crossfit.  I attended my first class at Musclecamp Crossfit in May 2019.  Musclecamp was very well organized and structured.  Everyone at Musclecamp was welcoming, encouraging, and supportive.  I knew after the first class; this was going to be my home gym. 

I love helping others, I’ve been doing it as a state trooper for the past 22 years.  I received my Crossfit Level 1 trainer certificate in November of 2020 so I could help others reach their goals and see them succeed.  I want others to realize you don’t need to be an athletic superstar to start Crossfit.  Maybe you have never picked up a barbell, and that’s ok.  We’ll get you there!  Believe me when I say, if I can participate and benefit in Crossfit, so can you!

Andrew has a lovely and supportive wife, Wendy.  Two kids, Brennen 17, and Heidi 14.  The Topp family is active in their church and they enjoy any water sport, skiing, wakeboarding, tubing, anything on water and in the sun!