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Our Focus

Overall physical fitness improvements

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Utilizing all aspects of crossfit

Metabolic conditioning, weight lifting, and gymnastics

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Our Mission

Life has a way of beating us down. After high school, jobs, family responsibilities, all the home chores, and “life” tend to get the majority of our focus and time and we let ourselves physically and mentally lapse. Before we know it, we are watching our kids play sports, but we don’t have the stamina to “keep up” with them, the yard work, and our jobs. We relapse into eating junk food and “fast food” to save time, sitting on the couch binge watching TV, while sacrificing ourselves physically. Musclecamp CrossFit is here to change that. We want you to train for life by providing the coaching, the exercise programming and nutrition guidance to get you back on track to being the best you possible. Want to get better at a sport?… We will help you. Want to run a faster 5k?… We will help you. Want to feel better and be more flexible?… We will help you. Want to fit into a smaller size jeans?… We will help you.  

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Daily Workout

Each day brings on a new surprise for your training. We never do the same thing over and over again. We teach functional movements at varied intensities and time domains. This variation will give you the best overall well rounded fitness training over time to allow you to get all the benefits: Stronger, faster, leaner, and with more endurance. We always provide guidance and options for a workout to make sure you are working at a level that is challenging, but not overwhelming.

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