Our Story

Crossfit Gym

We started in 2010 as a traditional type gym with personal training and in 2016 we became affiliated with CrossFit because we realized the training methodology utilized by CrossFit was an awesome way to help others reach their fullest potential. We started out in a small 1000 square foot garage gym and in December 2018 moved into a brand new 2500 square foot facility. Not only was this gym specifically designed to allow for complete training of all aspects of CrossFit, but was also designed to enhance our members experiences.  

We believe whole heartedly that CrossFit is for everyone who wants to become a better version of themselves and is willing to work for that. Musclecamp endorses the idea that you have to give effort to produce changes and anything easy will not give long lasting positive results. We believe that through smart consistent effort following our training, you will get  the results you want. If you are a current high school or college athlete looking for additional well rounded training, we will make you better at your sport. If you are out of school, busy with a job, and perhaps a family but have gained extra weight, don’t feel good, or don’t have the energy you need, we will help you lose the weight, get you feeling better with more energy. If you are getting up in the years but want to keep doing the things you love doing, we will help you stay “young.” We want to prolong your ability to enjoy life as long as possible. We will match your fitness level up to a workout program that will meet your needs.