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Success Stories

Success Stories

"Six months ago, I knew I needed a change. I knew I needed a way to increase my physical and mental health. I knew I felt badly about myself and I was tired of feeling so low. It was time.
 Six months and 20 pounds ago, I walked into Musclecamp and went through my first Crossfit experience. It changed my life. Thank you to everyone that has supported me through my fitness journey and I'm looking forward to accomplishing much more as I continue!"

- Jen S.

"They make you feel like home! Positive experience for getting back into it! Very encouraging and challenging! Thank you all for welcoming me; I will be doing this every week."

- Katlyn S.

"When I first started working out with Rick Muhlenkamp at Musclecamp Crossfit, I DESPISED wods with running. It used to take me 5:30-6 minutes just to run 1 lap, and then I would be out of breath for the rest of the wod. Today we had to run a lap at the beginning and end of the wod. First lap I ran in 4:29 and the last lap 4:21. Finally breaking the 5 minute mark consistently! If you're looking for a great place to workout, come join us at Musclecamp!"

- Jeremiah S.

"I love this gym. Great group of people to work out with. Feels more like a family hanging out and pushing each other to the limits. Instructor is awesome and a great friend."

- Tanner S.

"Great workout this morning Rick Muhlenkamp! When I first joined MuscleCamp CrossFit almost 6 months ago I had to step up on a 24" box during WOD's and I struggled doing 20 regular sit-ups. Today during the WOD I was jumping up on a 30" box, doing 135 lb clean and jerks, and instead of doing standard sit-ups I was doing TTB..(toes to bar). My strength gains and overall fitness level has increased so much it amazes me. Not to mention the mental strength gains....the ability to push myself through discomfort and to give it all I have when I feel like there is nothing left in the tank is just awesome! Angela and the kids are officially CrossFitters too and I can't wait to see where this takes us in the future!"

- Kenny U.

"Today marks 5 years of CrossFit for me. I don't have any impressive before and after pictures or any huge weight loss numbers to post. I just feel great!!!! Thanks Rick for everything you do for all of us..."

- Keith M.

"I feel amazing and I have so much energy!"

- Brittney F.

Musclecamp Crossfit

"CrossFit for me began in August 2016.  I had recently quit smoking after 17 years and had not been active or really exercised since high school.  My goal when I started was to lose weight, tone up and help with the urge to start smoking again.  I wanted to try to be at the gym at least 3 days a week.  I never would have imagined what was going to come for me and my journey.  I was not joining a gym to help with health and wellness only, but a family, a group of people to push me to limits I never knew existed and to excite me to do things that I was not sure I was capable of doing.  Over the last 2 ½ years I have become confident in myself.  I have found strength I never knew I had and something I am truly passionate about.  I have awakened a competitor inside myself I didn’t realize was still there.  It has taught me that I am responsible and accountable for my own results.  After months of hard work and dedication to nutrition and working out I lost 15lbs and more than that in inches.  I never would have thought that at almost 40 I would be the strongest and fittest I have ever been.  

After 1 year of CrossFit my bloodwork numbers change dramatically.  I struggled with keeping my HDL above 40 and the LDL down but after a year at Musclecamp CrossFit I saw my HDL numbers climb to 53, my LDL dropped and my risk of heart disease decreased.  This has shown me that consistent hard work has made me healthier not only for myself but also for my daughters and my family.  

I am currently going to the gym 5-6 times/week and look forward to each and every workout.  Had I not found Musclecamp CrossFit I am 100% sure I would have started smoking again and most likely not working out at all.  I am thankful for Rick Muhlenkamp and Musclecamp CrossFit for helping me find something I love, gain control of my health and fitness and awaken the competitor in me.  The first pic was early on in my fitness journey, the other two are more recent pics."

-Katie W

Musclecamp Crossfit

"One year to this day (with months of encouragement from Ron Messner, thank you) I decided to make a life change and I walked through the doors of a CrossFit gym.

I may not be the fittest, fastest or strongest athlete at 40+, but I feel great and I am doing things better and heavier than I did in my athletic prime. Thank you Musclecamp CrossFit, our trainer Rick Muhlenkamp and our entire group for everyone thing thus far.

A special shout out to the 5:45am morning warriors who help push and motivate me, without you I don't think I would wake up at 4:30 each morning just to workout, lol."

-Brian Bogner

"Happy 4th anniversary Rick Muhlenkamp at Musclecamp Crossfit! Thanks for continually encouraging me and changing my life. Thanks for all of the great memories and I'm looking forward to many more. Here's to another year of a happier, healthier, and stronger me!" 

Column 1: Day 1 
Column 2: 12 months @ Musclecamp CrossFit
Column 3: 24 months @ Musclecamp CrossFit

-Jen Steinbauer